Reiki: Healing Your Energy

It seems as though society has come a long way in welcoming alternative healing into mainstream thinking. Yoga, once thought of as a practice only for granola eating ‘hippies,’ is now found on almost every street corner in any given town. Reiki, while still a baby compared to the practice of yoga, is now talked about more openly as a form of healing by way of energy balance.

Below you will find a discription of Reiki by a practitioner and friend of mine, Melody Lynn Jenkins. I met Melody through a friend at The Reiki Center on 5th Avenue here in Columbus, Ohio. I have had many wonderful and enlightening sessions with her. With the theme of sharing other types of healing modalites with you, my tribe, I couldn’t leave out Reiki. While I understand it may not be for everyone, I hope this helps you develop a deeper understanding of it’s purpose in healing. Enjoy! ~Jill

At its core, Reiki is a Japanese technique of alternative heaing and stress management developed by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s.

Everything is energy. Everything has a measurable frequency, a measurable vibration.  By connecting with this universal energy or life force, sometimes refered to as “chi”, a Reiki practitioner can sense when the energy is blocked, overactive or balanced.

Imbalanced energy can affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. When energy is balanced, we have a better opportunity to be well.

As energy work can be approached both scientifically and spiritually,  I like to talk to each client about their spiritual system of belief, if they have one. I can then approach the session in a way that best fits the client’s approach to life.

Each Reiki practitioner will have their own gifts and talents available for use during a session. I have had sessions with clients during which the following has happened:

·       Relief from stress & anxiety

·       Release of unwanted emotions such a fear, grief, anger, etc.

·       Deeper spiritual connection

·       Renewed perspective on how to process events & occurrences

·       Help with being an empath

·       Development of intuitive gifts

·       Understanding of past lives

·       Freedom from spirit attachments

Reiki is performed in a dimly lit private room, fully clothed. As you lay on your back on a massage table, pillow under your knees and head for support, the practitioner’s hands gently hover over your body or touch very lightly. Essential oils and soft music may be used during your session as well.

Melody Lynn Jenkins, Reiki Master, is a licensed and ordained Minister with 40 years experience studying world religions, metaphysical science, and the field of complementary medicine. As a Claircognizant, she is a gifted intuitive Seer and Healer. Melody is known as a Völva, which is a female practitioner of Runic Shamanism. She has been studying the Runes for 26 years and is proficient in reading the Runes and Runic Tarot. Melody is also a Certified Moonologer, and focuses on Moon Phase specific aspects of Astrological Readings for manifestation and release.

Melody is the owner of The Witchery, offering online courses in witchcraft and magick. Coursework at The Witchery offers 6 modules of 21 classes each. The Witchery also offers an online retail store at

Melody received her BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University and her MA in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona & Metaphysics, where she is currently studying for a Doctorate Degree. Melody is an Intuitive Counselor, the  developer of the IlluminAura Restorative Experience and also offers Past Life Regression.

To book a Reiki session with Melody or for any other spritual or intuitive counseling, and/or to sign up for the newsletter which gives information on discounts, classes and workshops, please go to:

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