Body Awareness Coaching with Essentrics®


Our bodies are often taken for granted. Each day, expectations are placed on the body to function properly. When these expectations fall short, we are met with frustration, fear, pain, and in some cases, defeat. However, if you’re ready to join me, I can help you find optimal health!

Body awareness is the state in which we are fully conscious of our physical function. If we make a conscious effort to obtain a high level of body awareness, we will perhaps be able to predict and prevent aliments within. The body is a wonderful, powerful machine and it has the capacity to heal itself with the right tools. I have made it my mission to help you find those tools—to not only keep you whole, physically—but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through a program called Essentrics®.

Essentrics® is an over 25 year old program designed by top experts in their field to target all 650 muscles, 360 joints, and 206 bones in the body, including the surrounding connective tissue, in every single routine.  Essentrics® uses trademarked exercises and many different techniques, including dynamic stretching and eccentric strengthening, to achieve a balanced body.  Essentrics® is a well-rounded and adjustable program gentle enough for beginners, therapeutic enough for chronic pain sufferers and challenging enough for athletes!

Our Essentrics® motto: “RELAXATION is the new STRENGTHENING!” 

In order to strengthen our muscles in an elongated (eccentric) position, we must RELAX as much as possible to allow the muscle fibers to override their protective reflexes in a controlled manner and go to the “end of a stretch,” as it is called.  This type of training not only is the most strengthening workout we can do-second to boxing- but it takes pressure off otherwise stressed joints.  And it’s all done in a safe and fun environment!

There are so many wonderful benefits to the Essentrics® program and I encourage any comments or questions you may have in order to address you specific needs.  I look forward to training with you soon!

In gratitude,
Jill Roth
Your Body Awareness Coach

“Just finished my first series of Essentrics classes with Jill. So beneficial for my fibromyalgia. I can see and feel a difference in my muscle tone. Looking forward to future classes. Jill does an awesome job!”


“I feel stronger and more relaxed, with less muscle and joint stiffness for days after each session. Jill is a supportive, enthusiastic instructor who clearly has passion for sharing the benefits of this practice – I’m looking forward to the next series!”


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