Meet Jill Roth

My motto is, “Find balance in everything!”

I’m a wife, as well as a mother of 3 beautiful boys — both roles are extremely rewarding. I love to read, write, sing, play guitar and make people laugh. I’m also an avid fitness junkie, health food advocate, and a supporter of homeopathic wellness.

In 2002, I became a Registered Dental Hygienist and, as a clinician, I’m all too familiar with body imbalances that can be created from repetitive motion on the job. After a lifetime of involvement in physical activities from competitive swimming to body building, I was determined to find a fitness modality that allowed me to remain mobile and pain-free during my work day. I had searched through many different modalities to relieve my tension and pain and, eventually, in 2006, found Essentrics®. The unlimited benefits from the practice fueled my desire to share Essentrics® with others, so, in 2016, I became a certified instructor.

I believe, through body awareness, that the body has the ability to heal itself. As your body awareness coach, I’ve made it my mission to inspire and motivate you to find balance in your life so that true healing can take place within. My ultimate vision is to use my knowledge of the body and Essentrics® to create a program aimed at improving posture and increasing longevity in work, play and life!

Will you join me on this journey to find BALANCE?



Essentrics® Level 1 Certified –Principles of the Essentrics® Program

Essentrics® Level 2 Certified- Trademark Exercises

Essentrics® Level 3 Certified- Flexibility & Therapeutic Exercises

Essentrics® Level 4 Certified- Strengthening Exercises

Group Fitness Instructor Certified-ACE (American Council on Exercise®)

“Function First” Pain-Free Movement Specialist (American Council on Exercise®)

CPR/First Aid-American Heart Association

Registered Dental Hygienist