It’s Time to Change Your Mind!

The new year has come…2023!…and so has the representation of new experiences, new journeys, new ways of living, of thinking and being. To me life is a precious journey in which to take all the opportunities I can to learn, about myself, the world around me, and the other beings that inhabit this beautiful earth. My goal is to feel as good as I can, mentally, physically and spiritually. That doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road; highs and lows, elation and defeat. We may not have control over everything but maybe we could harness as much of that control to create our most ideal life.

In order to create the life of your dreams it takes an open mind. It takes patience and trust and acceptance of yourself.  It takes overlooking the little ‘inconveniences’ in our lives and generalizing our situations; to be present in your life, in each and every moment, even in those moments that are unpleasant. It’s those ‘not so pleasant moments’ that are the catalyst for change! In other words, it takes gratitude for every little miracle that has lead us to where we are. 

One thing that cannot be overlooked in this process is bravery. You have to be brave to explore what it means to exist in this existence. It means to look at things from a different angle and ask the hard questions: “who am I” and “what’s my purpose here,” to try new things and learn from yourself!

In 2022, I learned a lot about finding the answers to these questions. It doesn’t necessarily mean I found the answers but I do feel that each year I get closer and closer. Maybe what I learned was a deeper understanding of me and living in self-acceptance. Maybe it’s putting it into practice.

Now, all this said, this is a process; a journey.  This is not about perfectionism but rather finding what works for you best. It may take some time to implement but the most important part is to meet yourself where you are.  I talk about this all the time in my Essentrics® classes by telling you to ‘work within your range of motion’.  The same applies to your brain. Change takes time, patience and a knowing that it is never linear. 

As an illustration, change to me is more like an ocean wave. We are up, we are down, we move forward, we move backwards; sometimes the water is on the beach, sometimes it is in the deepest parts of the ocean. As long as you are putting in the work it is important to remember to trust the process. Trust the process… and generalize. Because I can guarantee you that you will feel like you are going backwards before you feel as if you are going forwards. You will feel defeat more than you will feel success. Then life will throw you a curve ball and you will feel as if you have to start all over again. Be sure to know that change is happening if you keep at it!

Let’s look at it this way: if you have ever done a “detox” on your body you will know that you will feel worse before you will feel better. This happens with mental changes. When you first started working out you probably felt tired and sore and like it may not be worth all the effort. But by sticking with it, you (hopefully) feel as if it’s a bit easier. You feel this lightness you didn’t feel in the beginning. By you sticking with it, you trusted the process and now your body knows what to do instinctually, even when you’re not ‘working at it’. This is the same as your mind. It can be very tiring in the beginning but by trusting the process, you begin to change your thoughts instinctually and subconsciously. You may notice that what once made you upset, you brushed off! You are now aware of your thoughts and this is success!

Here are some suggestions to exercise your mind: 

  1. Meditation. My usual go-to is YouTube. You can find any type of guided meditation, music, and or wavelength (Hz).  There are also apps you can use as well such as  CALM, HEADSPACE or NATURE MELODY for those white noise sounds of nature. The purpose is to get your brain out of thinking patterns and the same swirling thoughts. It’s what I like to call “stopping the madness.” lol! Meditation also aids in chemical releases in the body that help to lower the blood pressure and allow more creative thinking!
  2. Journaling.  Here are some journaling suggestions: a) Intentions: (for the day, week, month, or year). These are different than goals in that they do not have a definitive ending. They are rather a work in progress. b) Gratitudes: These can be done in the morning to set your day on a positive note or in the evening to put good thoughts in your mind before slumber.    c) Future Thank You’s: Want something really cool to happen in your life? Try writing some of these. It is the beginning of setting things in motion.
  3. Trying new things. Download the app MEETUP and find a group with similar interests and/or try something new you have always wanted to try! Find a church or spiritual group that speaks to you. Write a book or post your knowledge on Instagram. (Remember that bravery bit??)
  4. Set an alarm.  Maybe you have an alarm to get up and stretch and move or to drink water. Set one to register what you are thinking about in that moment. Are they similar thoughts to the last time the alarm went off? If they are unhelpful or negative, the alarm gets you in the habit of being conscious of these thoughts and to change them (this may involve saying a gratitude or appreciating the present moment at those moments to reset your thinking…) And last, but certainly not least: 
  5. Move your body! Sometimes it takes physical movement to not only move the blood around and to feel better but it can certainly take your focus off your thinking and onto your body awareness. 

I wish every one of you a prosperous, self-loving and awakening kind of a year! See you in Essentrics® class!

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