Bowenwork: Nervous System Therapy

I first discovered Bowenwork through a friend of mine. I had never heard of it and was curious! The practice is a very thoughtful and relaxing way to “reconnect” the body’s systems so that it can function properly as Kathryn Jul, a certified Bowenwork practitioner explains below. Unlike massage therapy, this technique is done fully clothed, taking turns lying on the back and the front. Multiple sessions may be needed to create change and it is important to convey areas of the body you wish to improve. I have enjoyed my sessions with Kathryn as she is a knowledgable and gentle practitioner and I feel that it is a wonderful compliment to Essentrics. Be sure to book your appointment today! ~Jill

Bowenwork is a gentle Australian bodywork. Small movements made over different body structures can help to relax the autonomic nervous system, reset muscle tone and tension, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and promote healing capacity in the body.

Each move creates an internal response, affecting not only the location of the move, but rippling out to the surrounding structures. Much like dropping pebbles in a pond, these ripples spread all over the body and interact with each other, creating a whole body response.

Being in a state of chronic fight or flight can cause tightness and midline issues such as brain fog, dry eyes and mouth, breathing and chest issues, digestion and elimination issues. When a trauma happens whether it be emotional, mental, or physical, the body goes into fight or flight and draws energy out to the big muscle groups. This is fine for brief periods of time, however current lifestyles tend to breed daily stressors of traffic, money, relationships, politics, healthcare, etc. Being in this extended fight or flight response with energy constantly being drawn out to the big muscle groups of the arms and legs truly depletes the energy our body would normally use for healing and homeostasis.  

Exacerbating this is a more sedentary lifestyle that puts the body in a flexed position frequently. A lot of the muscles through the upper back, neck, low back, and back of the legs get over stretched. The body wants to protect you, so those muscle groups tighten to keep you from over lengthening more. We feel this tightness and think that we need to stretch, which just makes things worse.

Bowenwork can help to reset the resting length of these muscle groups. Additionally, releasing tension through the front of the body helps to improve posture and decrease pain and inflammation in the back, neck and legs. Calming down the nervous system to bring energy back to the midline, bowenwork can help your body to recover from multiple chronic health issues.

Kathryn Jul has been a licensed massage therapist since April of 2009.  She was introduced to Bowenwork during massage school and fell in love with it.  Body Aware Bowenwork originally opened out of Easton, MD, but is now operating out of Columbus, OH.  Catherine is an associate instructor with the American Bowen Academy, she is working on becoming a full instructor in the next year or two.

Kathryn Jul, PBP, LMT

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  1. Thanks to Jill’s recommendation I have had two sessions with Kathryn. First session was ‘urgent’ in that I was heading out of town for my daughter’s wedding and a 10 hour drive. She worked on my glutes and gave sound advice and it was a miracle,

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