Fitting Fitness Into Your Life When You’re a Single Parent

If you’re a single parent, you know it takes real strength to raise a child on your own. You do everything you can to take care your kid, but how do you make time to take care of yourself? Physical fitness can be challenging for single parents, but you have to stay healthy to stay strong.  Finding the time, money, and energy to keep yourself in shape can be tough. Thankfully, it’s easier than you think to stick to a fitness plan with these tips.

 Buy Basic Fitness Gear on a Budget 

 Raising a child is expensive. As a single parent, you know the value of sticking to a financial plan, and an expensive gym membership can throw you off track. Luckily, there are inexpensive ways to get the exercise you need. You can build a small home gym and bring workouts home with a few pieces of basic equipment. Pick up some weights, like a kettlebell and resistance bands, to start. To save even more money, scour online or local classifieds to find used equipment that won’t sabotage your budget.

 Workout in the A.M.

 For most parents, mornings are the perfect time for doing things on your own, including exercise. Try making workouts part of your wake-up routine. Aside from being more convenient, studies show that morning exercise can have a whole host of benefits. Getting your heart pumping in the morning will leave you with more energy, a sense of calm, and a positive outlook on your day. So try to carve out a few minutes in the morning to take a walk, lift some weights, or complete a quick yoga routine. Your mind and body will thank you later.

Exercise with Your Kids

 As a single parent, sometimes even mornings can’t offer time away from your kids. However, you can find ways to stay in shape even when your kids are always around. Kids can benefit from physical activity as much as adults. There are plenty of fitness moves you can do with your kids at home, so try a few out together. Or, take advantage of time outside to help both of you stay in shape. Work out on the playground, or go for a hike together. By working out with your kids, you’ll build your health and the bond you have with your children.

Remember: Exercise Produces Energy

 If you’re feeling exhausted all of the time, exercise can seem impossible. The stress and strain of parenting can wear you out, but exercise could actually be the perfect remedy. Not only does exercise reduce stress, but it also boosts your positive, motivating emotions. Part of this is biology — the body is regulating itself during exercise, but it also has to do with seeing and feeling the results of your efforts. Stick to your fitness plans for a few weeks, no matter how hard it may seem, and you’ll start to see and feel these positive results soon enough.

Prep Healthy Meals

 A key element in any fitness plan is sticking to a healthy diet. With a tight budget and busy schedule, eating healthy can be tricky when you’re a single parent. If you can find a little time on the weekend, however, cleaning up your diet can be frugal and easy. Planning easy meals gives you a chance to plan out your food for the week and make sure you have wholesome, healthy options for yourself, as well as your kids. By planning meals out ahead of time, you can avoid food waste that can waste your money and find better deals at the grocery store. Healthy food can help you stay in shape and lead to better health for your kids as well.

Being a single parent is hard, but staying fit doesn’t have to be. With a few tweaks to your weekly routine, you can stay on track to reaching your fitness goals. So do yourself — and your children — a favor and start making the time to take care of yourself so you can enjoy more healthy, happy years with your kids!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Article written by guest writer Sheila Olson of  Please visit her website for more great articles and information!

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