Bone Broth Recipe

Hello All!

In past blogs I make reference to bone broth as a “healing” agent to our gut.  It has helped me tremendously in the fight over toxicity, bacterial imbalance and leaky gut.  Bone broth is very valuable, giving you necessary collagen to make beautiful hair, nails and skin, but it also does the same for the intestinal lining of the gut, healing the “wound” from the nastiness in all those processed foods and pesticides.  Even New Yorkers are getting into the “fad”, as take out places are showing up to sell the a broth in a coffee cup.  Is that Starbucks in there?  No, it’s bone broth, my friend!

So, you don’t live in NY but would still like the benefits of bone broth?  Besides ordering it online, which can get very expensive, you can make it yourself!  And bonus is: it’s super EASY!

What you will need:IMG_0781 

1)Large crockpot

2) Bones from a chicken, cow or any other creature of your choice. I usually stick to cow since I have access to 100% grass-fed, organic bones (which is the best way to go!)  If you are not sure where to get the bones, call some health food stores to see if they sell any or ask where their supply comes from.  I have purchased some at Earth Fare for about $2.50/ lb but I couldn’t get a straight answer if they were organic or 100% grass-fed.  Just do the best you can…

3) Apple cider vinegar.   I never usually measure my ingredients-just pour a little into the water.  It is used to release the marrow and collagen from the bones. (Side note: if you were making stock instead of broth-no apple cider vinegar is necessary.)

4) Iodized or Sea Salt.  Again, I just throw some in for flavor-up to you.

5)Purified Water.


Place the bones in the crock pot.  For those of us with SIBO or other intestinal healing purposes, make sure there is no cartilage.  IMG_0786

Next, add purified water to fill to the top of the pot.

Pour in a little apple cider vinegar and salt, set the crockpot to LOW and let simmer for at least 24 hours. (I usually try not to go much longer than that or the bones will break down too much and put a sand-like sediment into the broth.)

After 24 hours, remove all the bones, meat and  fat from the pot. It will like this. IMG_0802 IMG_0806

Wait for the remnants to cool ,separate the meat from everything else and put back into pot to give the broth some more substance.  May not be too much left but that’s okay. Discard whatever is NOT meat or give the bones to your dog to enjoy:)

Finally, if on a broth fast, drink approximately 10-8oz cups/day dipping out the next cup after each time you drink, to allow it to cool sufficiently before needing to drink again.  If this is not for a fast, you may add approved veggies and spices (from SIBO diet or FODMAP)  into the pot to simmer longer.  I will then keep the broth on warm for days (until I get sick of the smell in my house) and just eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  It’s wonderful and already made.  OR I will freeze it into containers to take to work.


This is an awesome thing to do once in a while to heal the gut but it is important to lay-low on the food that assaults the system like sugar, grains, potatoes, etc. for the duration.

I hope this helps take the intimidation out of this healthful project! Good luck and happy healing!

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!


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