Not my best week…


Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate a new beginning; to gather with family friends and celebrate with food and libation.  And as unbelievable it may be to some of you, it wasn’t the family that was offensive, it was the food…Now don’t get me wrong-I LOVED the food- Homemade cabbage rolls (cabbage, sourkraut, rice, meat), baked beans, fresh veggies, cheese and maybe a few dark chocolates thrown in for good measure. But the food, as I always learn the next day, did NOT love me. UGGG!  And I tell myself every time-it’s only one time (or twice in my case…) it should be fine!  I won’t be that affected! I was SO wrong.

It began in the middle of the night with the persistent grumbling in my gut, that noisy nawing and uncomfortable flip-flopping of the intestines that never allows me to get restful sleep.  Then the morning brings the all too familiar (and mostly emergent) frequent trips to the bathroom and the never ending (loud!) gurgling in the abdomen. I begin cursing myself for overindulging on the wrong foods like the cabbage, sourkraut, rice grains and chocolate, as I sat on the porcelain thrown for the 5th time before work began at 8am! Oh, no! I have to go to work like this!!

Now really, I should have known better!  This is not my first time sitting around the table of temptation and paying the price for it!  There was my 3 year old’s birthday party…but the cake WAS gluten free! oh, yeah, the homemade icing, however, wasn’t sugar free:(  And the potato chips WERE cooked with coconut oil! But the potates, Jill! Those aren’t going to bode well with you! And the foods fried at high temperatures-making it hard for the stomach to break down? What was I thinking!

Cheating is okay for me if it is done in a reserved fashion.  Risotto at a restaurant with the meal-sans the bread they bring before-eaten one time (and not taken home as leftovers and eaten again the next day) is usually okay with me.  I am able to bounce back easily if I get back to my lifestyle of eating.  Or if I treat myself to ice cream at a local store once a month whom offers low-glycemic (low sugar) options, I am usually fine!

But indulging in TOO many “wrong” foods at once, or several days in a row, can be “toxic” to my body-especially when I am not used to it!  (Even when I take the digestive enzymes!) The bacteria from the offending foods accumulates in great numbers and I feel defeated again as my gut distends, I feel overly full, I get heart burn or sharp gas pain, not to mention mentally and physically exhausted.  And if it’s really bad my body and joints will ache and I will get a headache, to boot, which tells me there is too much INFLAMMATION! NOT GOOD!

So what do I do, you ask??  Time for what I call a “reboot!” I go back to a strick no grain, sugar, all veggies, meat, nuts and eggs regime, eating between my  4-5 hours and taking my supplements:Motilpro(,doTERRA Essential Oils Digest Zen products such as GX Assist (see my website for information) or Candibactin AR and BR ( .  I will also make bone broth (see next post) and drink it for a day or make soup out of it with veggies and meat and eat it during the week to help kill the bacterial and heal the gut. If I stick to the foods that ususally make me feel really good, physically and mentally, then I know I will be on my way to recovery.  It will take about 3 days to finally find relief, but it will work-I promise!!

Now, here I am, a week later feeling lighter and more “regular” but never forgetting how I felt during those days.  This is a journey I am on with my health and I know I will function whole mind and whole body if I put into it the fuel that will enable it to go longer and without pain.  And after going to a post-Easter celebration yesterday, I can say I didn’t even want the desserts and chips and pretzels and cheeseball!  (Well…maybe a little…) But I made my choice: to feel GREAT!

Are you ready to join me?

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Day!  See you at my next post!





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