It Takes a Village…

When it comes to healing the body I believe the way to do it is through space, and time and education. I feel very privileged to be able to provide a modality, such as Essentrics, that is a full-body expression of healing through movement. In the next several months I wish to provide to you, my readers, an education of movement.  One modality of movement alone can make a significant difference, however, by pairing modalities it could flip the switch to further or faster body healing and recovery.  The ‘village,’ mentioned in the title, is the support system given by many modalities that all play a critical role in the success of nurturing and healing the body. The key is to find the ones that speak to you!

Over the next several months I will be introducing you to my village. I have invited some of my favorite body work practioners to explain the benefits they provide through their modalities. Some of the modalities help to heal the body through physical movement, some energetic movement, while most a combination.  No matter what the source, the outcomes are very similar: to provide a step toward homeostasis, which in turn allows healing.  

According to Wikipedia, movement can be defined as the state of changing something’s position or location.  But movement is not limited to how we move our bodies-active movement-it can be provided as passive movement, which is movement created by a source outside the body.  The body is always striving to find homeostasis and when it cannot, on it’s own, a negative chain reaction can occur in the processes of the body. So, it all comes down to finding modalities that help you to feel good, that increase positive energy, alleviates stress and provides an overall sense of well-being or, in other words, a state of homeostasis. This is what I hope to help you achieve, not just through Essentrics but through a combination of modalities!

Now, I cannot move forward in this series without explaining the amazing benefits of Essentrics! If you already practice Essentrics then I am sure you know how it benefits you personally.  I will quickly highlight one of the most felt benefits of practicing Essentrics, which is done eccentrically: decompression

When something is decompressed, there is a pressure that is released. As we go through our day-to-day life our bodies can begin to collapse upon itself by finding the path of least resistance and settling right into those spots. Over time that compression can put bone onto bone causing arthritis, put knots into muscles restricting healing blood flow, and glue the connective tissues together, making it harder and more painful to move. This in turn can make you feel more stressed out!

The movement used in Essentrics focuses on upward and outward; movement away from midline. By doing this we train the body to ‘stay open’ to allow continuous healing and detoxifying blood to circulate even when you are not practicing. By using your arms and legs as your equipment to create extensions in the body this also strengthens muscles, puts pressure on the bones to strengthen and increase bone density and ‘spaces out’ the connective tissue (fascia) to open communication channels or what I like to call “waking up the nervous system” within the tissues.

I literally could go on and on about the benefits of Essentrics but I strongly encourage you to pop back into my older posts where I go into more depth about the practice’s myriad of benefits. Or contact me and try out a class!

Well, moving on! I am so excited to bring you our first post in “It Takes a Village…” series. It is up to you to find the best modalities to heal your body the way you see fit, however, keep an open mind!  Find a pracitioner in your area and try something you never thought you would try! It can open you up to new healing possibilities! 

Enjoy and please leave comments, questions or even suggestions about future posts below. I would love to hear from you!

In Graditude,

Jill, Your devoted Body Awareness Coach!

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