The Perfection Myth

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others.  Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”  ~Unknown Author

This bridge featured in this photo by Delano Balten was most likely created hundreds of years ago.  It seems it would function the way a bridge should and needless to say it is esthetically pleasing, however do you think the architect was perfect in it’s design?  How many plans do you think he scrapped before deciding on this design? Do you think the architect was hard on himself for not getting it right the first time? Maybe. And do you think the stone layers were perfect in the way each stone was layed?  The answer is most likely not. And yet, the bridge works!

Nobody expects perfection, except us. I am no exception.  In fact, I have struggled with my need to have perfection, keep control and win every time. After all, doesn’t perfection correlate with success?

What is perfection really?  It probably means something different to all of us, I suppose.  “If I’m perfect so and so will love me more.”  “If I’m perfect life will go so much more smoothly.”  “If I’m perfect the boss will hold me in high regard and give me a raise.” “If I’m perfect I will make more money, raise perfect kids and never disappoint.”

Sometimes we have missed opportunities in life because we just didn’t consider ourselves “good enough.”  Or we procrastinate because we’re afraid to fail. Look, I’ve been there and I’m here to tell you that I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be.  I disappoint, I don’t do as well as I would like to, I am not the perfect parent or daughter or wife but I strive, every day, to do my best, based on the information available to me.  And to me that speaks volumes.

Did you know that the word fail doubles as an acronym?  First Attempt In Learning.  Pretty cool, right?  This is something I remind myself and my children on a regular basis.  And sometimes “failure” is the right step to actually get you to your goal!

How often have you seen others speaking of their imperfections and often felt better about it?  It’s not because we want bad things to happen to them, it’s because we can relate.  We are human and we are here on earth to learn and then make better.

Almost a year ago I quit my “day job” to be home with my children and start a business. Let me tell you that it’s not all been a cake walk, but I have learned so much about myself, and who I want to be as a parent, wife, daughter, friend and business owner.  It has been a struggle in learning that I’m not perfect and fully come to grips that I won’t be.  And if you ask me, this is where our friends and family come in to fill the gaps. To allow us that space to do as well as we possibly can then let it go and let others take over where our “weaknesses” prevail.

So when you eat something you shouldn’t have or you don’t get to the gym like you planned.  Just know that it’s okay and the past is already behind you, giving you new, fresh moments to move forward. Do not look back, do not regret what you have done or live with the shoulda’s and coulda’s but instead grasp that very moment in which you live and be grateful for it. Give yourself some grace-you totally deserve it!

So, what is the perfection myth? That perfection as we define it exists!  Embrace your perfect self in the midst of mediocrity!  I wish to inspire you, through my imperfections, to do the very best you can knowing full well things may not turn out perfectly or as as you expected.  Our personal journey is placed before us not to perfect it, but to live it!  So, go forth and live!  It’s time to embrace your own personal perfection, whatever that may be!

Best to all,


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