What’s this BLOG all about?

I thought I would take a moment to comment on my BLOG. In the past my posts have ranged from gut health, to stress, to IBS to bone broth recipes, to fitness… whew! But you know what? This blog is a journey…my health journey. And sometimes with any journey, there are deviations.  Deviations that end up adding to the whole story: the story of health-inward and outward.

In essence, I write to help those of you who may be in a similar situation with their health OR to share knowledge gained through my fitness line of work.  It may be about how I’m feeling that day or what’s happened in my life related to my health or a tidbit I thought valuable enough to share. I hope you will follow me on my journey so you may learn something about yourself through my experiences.  And I hope to inspire you to go forth to be your best by FEELING your best!

Please comment on my posts, add something that may benefit others or better yet, share this blog!

Your partner in health,


My wonderful and supportive husband and children whom I hope to instill that anything is possible!

Disclaimer:  I have no intention of treating, diagnosing or leading you to believe that I am the ultimate authority on health.  I am a victim of my own circumstances and in being so I wish to share what I have learned with the intention of directing you through an alternative perspective. If you experience symptoms worthy of a LICENSED practitioner, I sincerely recommend you locate one knowledgeable enough to help you find ultimate relief.  Thank you!


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