Yes, It’s Mother’s Day!

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to spend Mother’s Day with my 3 boys and nothing makes me happier (or drives me crazier 😉 ) than that!  And as I am fulfilling my motherly duties by holding on to my 3-year-old as he “tries” to go “poopie on the potty,” without success, ONCE AGAIN,  I am reminded, how our bodies work (or don’t work in this case) and it fascinates me that they even work at all!

As he struggles to clean out his system but maybe twice a week, despite our best efforts as parents, I can’t help to wonder, why is he constipated?  Is it psychological, physiological, or just normal for him?  In other words, is he constipated because he keeps holding it in when he should really go and this will pass as he gets older? Or is there an underlying issue here, such as a gluten allergy? After all, he is related to me!  It’s crazy that I have to keep track of my OWN issues, let alone my children’s.  In fact the common phrase around here is: “When was the last time you pooped?”

I apologize that in this blog I am getting “down and dirty” but it’s an important thing to discuss.  When people like me suffer with IBS with a symptoms such as constipation it can really mess with with you mentally as well as physically.  By about the 3rd day of no elimination, my son is easily prone to melt-downs and has very little appetite.  Does this sound familiar with you or someone you love?

With all the cells, muscles, neurons, organs and their functions, the body truly is a medical miracle and it makes me wonder how we don’t have more issues than we do.  But what makes it work optimally?  We have all been around others who’s bodies fail them time and time again.  Why does this happen?  Genetics, poor diet or lifestyle, or just dumb luck?  Maybe it’s a little bit of everything.

So, I was thinking as I was in the bathroom with my son  (it’s where I do all my best thinking!) that we always complain when our bodies don’t work as they should. We moan and groan about those aches and pains and injuries and illness, but do we ever stop to appreciate those times when our bodies DO work?  Are we remembering to be truly grateful for that symptom free day when we have mental clarity and our guts aren’t bogged down pain and heaviness?

Rejoice in the days when you feel great and don’t worry about what tomorrow may bring. Remember that if you praise that wonderful feeling, it will continue!

Have a happy and healthy (Mother’s) day!!







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