Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited you decided to join me here at Healthy Living with Jill Zimmerman Roth!  I hope thiIMG_0130 (1)s blog will give you insight to find your overall sense of self and well-being.  My entire life has been health centric, perhaps on purpose, perhaps on accident.  Nonetheless, I have learned a great deal in the process about the functions of the body and I continually strive to obtain the latest knowledge in homeostatic wellness.

My goals in this blog is to give you a resource to learn about food, exercise, supplements, body systems (and other such health related topics) that is not overwhelming or too “medical” with an emphasis on gut health. Learning should be effortless when it involves a lifestyle change.  It’s the implementation that will be enough of a challenge.  So whether you are looking to lose weight, de-stress,  or to just feel better physically, mentally or spiritually then you have come to the right place.  Please join me in my personal journey toward balanced wellness!

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