“30 years behind a desk has taken its toll on my body. I’ve had herniated discs, bone spurs, and impinged nerves. Over the years, I’ve tried traditional physical therapy exercises, yoga, and even a stand-up work station to ease my various aches and pains. Recently, my wife signed us up for Essentrics® classes. I didn’t know what to expect; after all, I’d never heard of Essentrics® before. Jill explained that Essentrics® is what you get if yoga and tai chi had a baby, then taught it ballet. I had a great experience. The class was vigorous but not exhausting; I worked every muscle and joint in my body, but didn’t get that ‘next day ache’ that sometimes follows other forms of exercise. I try to apply the lessons learned at Essentrics® by stretching and flexing throughout my day. Now my wife and I look forward to our ‘Jill time’.”